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Bioscience in Montana

The Bioscience Economy in Montana: This ninth biennial TEConomy/BIO report focuses on the economic footprint of the industry geographically including the latest trends in the bioscience industry for the nation, states, and metropolitan areas. Check out state-by-state information on the performance of the bioscience economy. Get the report here.

The Montana Bioscience Cluster Initiative aims to support and grow the myriad bioscience businesses that have organically taken root in Montana as well as fostering the growth of related startups across Montana as part of a larger life sciences ecosystem.


“By expanding the adjuvant system production capabilities in Hamilton, we will continue to deliver long-term and sustainable supply for key vaccines, including SHINGRIX.”

​- Samantha Jones, Project Manager

"Thanks to the bi-partisan support of Governor Steve Bullock and the congressional delegation."
 – Sens. Jon Tester and Steve Daines and Rep. Greg Gianforte
“For more than a decade, our Hamilton facility has supported GSK’s adjuvant system development program. Montana is emerging as a hub for the biotechnology industry. GSK is grateful for their leadership and the opportunity they have given us to create new jobs and expand our footprint in the state." 

​– Jack Bailey, President, US Pharmaceuticals, GSK 

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